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Entry #6

First game out.

2009-11-28 21:59:04 by AustinoThe3rd

Check it out.

To those that don't get it, It's just following the last hours of the clown's life. He somehow flew away on his balloons and no-one ever heard from him again. It's just what I thought of when I heard the song. I thought It was kinda funny, so I made it.

And no, it doesn't end, lol.

I'll probably make a real game next, though.


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2009-11-28 22:56:46

I'm sorry I never heard of fizzles, I really didn't see what the point was I just moved him around for a few seconds nothing happened


2009-11-29 18:49:36

nice pixel art

AustinoThe3rd responds:

Thanks. I responded to your review about the tools needed.